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About Lawrence...

Born and reared in the Sullivant Gardens Housing Projects on welfare in a single-parent home, Lawrence’s Triangle Formula of Success – vision, knowledge, and excellence – has a proven track record in accomplishing the extraordinary. His life is a living testament that greatness is a part of everyone’s DNA, regardless of ethnicity, background, status, or life experiences.
At 6’9, this giant of a man uses intellect, humor, and compassion to motivate listeners to reach their full potential, including students, teachers, parents, entrepreneurs, employees, and faith-based groups. Juxtaposing various emotional chords, Lawrence Funderburke’s passion as a motivational speaker has inspired thousands of people to search deep within the recesses of their soul and unlock a life of sustained greatness.

Over the last two years he has addressed small (10-20 audience members) and large (several hundred audience members) on the following topics:
•The Triangle Formula Of Success •Mentoring Today’s Youth •Greatness Is Part Of Your DNA •Cultivating A Lasting Marriage •Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur •Becoming A Great Father When You Never Had One •No “I” In Team •Bridging The Wealth Gap •Is Your Financial House In Order? •Invest Now Or Pay Later! •Overcoming Adversity •Discovering A Child’s Genius •Sports And Child Athletes: A Balanced Perspective •Leaving Behind A Lasting Legacy

More on Lawrence...

  • Graduated magna cum laude in Business Finance from The Ohio State University in 1994
  • Completed Master's in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2007
  • Completed executive education programs on investing at Stanford University and Columbia University, respectively
  • PH.D in 'hood heartache'
  • Passionate about community service and philanthropy
  • Winner of the NBA's first Hometown Hero of the Month Award in 2000
  • Authored two books, Hook Me Up, Playa! and The Triangle Formula of Success
  • Played collegiate basketball at The Ohio State University from 1992-1994 and professionally for 11 years (three overseas and eight in the NBA) from 1994-2005
  • Currently works in the financial planning arena

Speaker/Presentation Fees – 45 minutes to 1 Hour

$700 . . . Within 45 miles of Columbus
$1,200 . . . Within Ohio but more than 45 miles from Columbus
$1,500 . . . East of the Mississippi
$2,500 . . . West of the Mississippi

Success is ALWAYS within Your Reach!

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What audience members are saying about The Triangle Formula of Success . . .

Lawrence, I first want to thank you for speaking with the students at Gahanna Lincoln High School on December 3rd. From all indications, they were truly blessed by your honesty and convictions to motivate them through excellence in the classroom and in life. Your ability to connect with the students was one of the best presentations that I have been a part of in years. Your worksheets were timely, and the way you included the students in your presentation kept them involved every step of the way. The methodology behind The Triangle Formula of Success clearly demonstrated your ability to keep the attention of the students throughout the presentation. For the entire time on your very first meeting with the students in this format! Lastly, your activity using the hand of greatness – and it is available to every student as you pointed out! – gave them the opportunity to see from another perspective that success is always within their reach, and that their success starts with the center of their hand, representing the vision that each one of them must have in order to be successful. Thanks once again for your participation at Gahanna Lincoln High School.
Tony B., Teacher

Lawrence speaks about The Hand of Greatness

Part 1

Part 2

I was one of the teachers listening to your presentation on December 3rd. I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to come in and speak to the students. I have had many of these students in class (or I currently have them in class) and it was great to see them so tuned in to what you were saying. It was obvious that you had an impact on them.

I particularly liked how you organized your discussion. It was easy to follow and understand, and the message was very clear. I appreciated the fact that you had the students participating, and you gave them concrete examples of everything you were asking them to do or think about. I also liked that there were no wrong answers. There are some students who rarely (or never) volunteer answers in class. Surprisingly, they were raising their hands to tell you a goal or a definition or some other answer. It was great to see! The prizes and the copies of your book were VERY nice touches too!

Thank you for caring about the students and for taking the time to speak to them. It is obvious that YOU make a difference in people's lives!
K. Anderson, Business Teacher

I want to thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to visit Gahanna Lincoln High School to talk with a group of our students. Your message was very succinct, yet powerful. I especially appreciated the opportunity you provided for them to be active participants by writing their goals, ways to accomplish those goals, and three benefits of doing so. I thought weaving these activities with the identification of the six principles within the hand of greatness – vision, faith, knowledge, wisdom, excellence, and perseverance – was very well done. It kept them thinking and focused on your message.

I believe had we asked them to summarize what you said, they would have been able to pretty much repeat every word because of your delivery. The quotes, the stories, and the visual and physical cues that you included were all powerful additions to your verbal message that helped them see the relevance and importance of your presentation. You have given them much to think about and all with connections that they will be able to make as they move through their daily lives.

It was truly an inspirational hour, and done with such class. Your honesty and passion for helping others is very moving and admirable. I am so glad they were able to hear you personally state how much those principles mean to you and how dedicated you are to your family, your faith, and your values – regardless of what anyone else thinks.

I feel so strongly about what you are doing, and how you have so thoroughly examined what you believe and how you are now sharing with others the process you have gone through to do that. So many kids have never had anyone model that for them. It's powerful, Lawrence, and it makes my heart burst with emotion to see what you are doing for kids. I am so impressed with the person you are! You are definitely emptying your heart and soul of your talents and sharing all the good within you - following the advice to "Die Empty". You are touching so many lives in such a positive and enduring way!! As teachers, that is what we really hope for. You truly are awesome. Thank you once again.
Elizabeth S., High School Coordinator of Curriculum and Professional Development, Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools

Thank you so much for coming to our class! It was really interesting to hear about your life and how you inspire others. I know you have inspired me to do the best that I can at everything, and to never give up. I really like that you had us interact with the speech instead of just sitting there listening to you. This really helped me pay attention and remember what was being talked about. Thank you again for visiting!
J.C., student

Thank you for all your influential speaking. One thing that stood out to me mostly is not to become the product of a bad environment. Another thing that stood out was not to ever get comfortable with your success. I took a lot from what you said. It makes me want to better myself as a person, a student, and a citizen. To have you take time out of your life and try to help me with mine means more to me then if I were to just read your book. After listening to you, though, I feel I will be able to take more out of your book now than ever. I feel now that I have more capability and confidence to “bring it every day”.
C.H., student

Thank you for sharing your experience with us on December 3rd. I really enjoyed your story and it encouraged me a lot! Thank you so much! Usually listening to speeches at school is really boring. But your speech was really exciting!! I really enjoyed your speech and I am so glad that I got a lot of advice from you. I want to be a nice person who always works to be better and hard for everything, just like you. Thank you for everything.
Y. C., student

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming to present to the class on December 3rd. It was an absolute honor to meet a man of your credentials. I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us.

Your presentation helped me realize how to fully accomplish the goals that I have. Your hand of greatness metaphor will help inspire me for years to come. When I am a successful businessman and when I am older, you will be one of the people responsible for my great achievements.
B.S., student

Thank you. I enjoyed your session and I liked your speech. You helped me think about success, and how to get there. You taught me how to make a goal to succeed in my life and persevere. You shared your hand sign and vision to help us achieve a goal. I really enjoyed your speech and the goal-setting worksheet and activity.
S.C., student

I would like to thank you for speaking to us on December 3rd about your amazing strategy for success. I came away from your presentation feeling truly enlightened. I felt that I was most greatly affected by your speech about naysayers and the people who try to bring you down. I now know that I should distance myself from these kinds of people and will make sure to always believe, “Success is always within my reach.”
S.A., student

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