Mr. Fundy's Math and Basketball Clinic – 4.13.13

Twenty-five essay contest winners participated in a free, three-hour math and basketball clinic on April 13th. Divided by grade (3rd and 4th, and 5th), students worked on their math skills using an iPad. The min-test, Math Basketball and Pizza, challenged students through realistic scenarios involving pizza-related questions.
LFYO partnered up with one of the finest establishments in the city to create this curriculum, Ange’s Pizza. From how much money a delivery driver will receive on tips to the diameter and radius of a pizza to estimating the number of pizzas sold on the busiest day of the week for Ange’s Pizza, students were engaged and excited by this unique learning experience, paying no attention to the fact that the math portion lasted well beyond an hour. We made math fun and relevant to three of their gravitational pulls – technology, pizza, and sports. Several teachers were in attendance and commented that the mini-test served as a nice warm-up for the Ohio Achievement Assessment (week of April 22nd). Now to the basketball portion of the clinic.

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Students hooped it up on the basketball court with Mr. Fundy and other former basketball players. First, they learned proper stretching techniques to prevent injuries and loosen muscles. Skill development included dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, rebounding, and footwork and agility. These fundamentals form the foundation for success in basketball for any player who is serious about the game. Participants were even given the chance to play against Mr. Fundy and the other camp counselors in a game of five-on-five.
Lastly, it was time to eat lunch . . . mouth-watering pizza from Ange’s Pizza,  and a beautiful fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements. Participants ate seconds – and thirds! – while reflecting on the fun-filled day with their newfound friends. That’s not all. Mr. Fundy presented every student with a gift certificate for a free Ange’s Pizza  at the conclusion of the clinic!

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Parent, teacher, and student testimonials coming soon.