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In early November, we launched our city, state, and nationwide initiative to improve the financial acumen of young people. The Mr. Fundy’s Financial Life Skills Playbook for Tweens and Teens fill-in poster and campaign educates today’s students on the winning game plan needed to achieve personal and financial success. Thus far, we have shared this enlightening message with over 400 students here in Central Ohio!


More than six years ago, we sounded the alarm on the need for financial education. Times seemed good back then as home values rose to historic levels and mortgage companies extended loans to anyone with a pulse, but the writing was on the wall as Americans were expanding their balance sheets (and waistlines!) to Keep up with the Joneses. Skyrocketing debt at the consumer (credit card, student loans, and mortgage debt) and government levels are screaming for us to wake up and empower our young people so that they don’t make the same mistakes as generations before them. Unfortunately, the clarion call isn’t loud enough – at least not yet.

It has been said that today’s young people will face a more challenging economic road ahead than their predecessors. Our nation has piled on over $16 trillion in national debt. Safety net programs such as Medicare and Social Security, which are medical and income-related programs that assist the elderly in retirement, have glaring sustainability problems over the next two decades. Since the 1980’s, the majority of companies have shifted the retirement burden to employees while adding 401k accounts but scaling back (or eliminating) guaranteed pensions. The onus for retirement outside of Social Security is largely (and will continue to be) on the shoulders of current workers.


Using basketball as a backdrop, the Mr. Fundy’s Financial Life Skills Playbook provides tweens and teens with the five key players of a successful life and financial plan: Point Guard/Creating a Life Plan (setting goals and identifying values), Shooting Guard/Managing Your Money (financial management and saving money), Small Forward/Investing Your Money (selecting publicly traded stocks and other investments to achieve financial goals), Power Forward/Protecting Assets (making sure assets are insured), Center/Giving Back (time, talents, and treasures). Notable “bench” players focus on social media and personal development strategies.


Invite us to your school or organization for this interactive presentation!