Mr. Fundy's Financial Life Skills Playbook 101

Get a financial head start through interactive personal finance lessons, daily field trips and “success tip” from industry business leaders. Field trips include but are not limited to:

• A delicious four-course meal at Bon Vie Bistro where you’ll learn fine-dining etiquette and manners.
• The Columbus Foundation to learn the meaning of philanthropy.
• The Mills James Studio to discuss communication and presentation skills.
• The Golf Depot to learn golfing etiquette and to test your skills on the course.

Participants will use an iPad each day while learning cash flow management, credit and debt management, insurance and tax planning, and wealth accumulation strategies using age-appropriate applications and customized games. We will have fun learning the skills needed to thrive now and into adulthood! Life lessons include etiquette and manners, job skills readiness, entrepreneurship, nutrition, and more. Healthy snacks and a nutritious lunch will also be provided and served daily. Each participant will be presented with an autographed Mr. Fundy’s Financial Life Skills Playbook Poster and stock certificate from a local publicly traded company to get started on the path to building lasting wealth.

Mr. Fundy’s Financial Life Skills 101 Summer Program is being offered at two locations:
Columbus Academy Summer Program | June 20th – June 24th | For details, click here.

FunderMax Fitness | June 27th – July 1st | Location: FunderMax Fitness | Grades: 6 – 10 | Time: 9am – 4pm | Price: $375 | Learn more