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LFYO - Books, DVDs and Teaching Materials

Books authored by Lawrence Funderburke will be made available for purchase, including his first and second releases, Hook Me Up, Playa! . . . An insider’s look into the financial fortunes, misfortunes, and fortunate lessons learned from modern-day professional athletes and The Triangle Formula . . . How to achieve lasting success in every area of life.

Hook Me Up, Playa! has garnered national media attention, including interviews on ESPNEWS, Cold Pizza, NBATV, as well as extensive coverage in print and radio. As a result of this controversial yet timely book, Funderburke has been hired by the NBA to conduct financial seminars for incoming rookies at the NBA Pre-Draft Camp in Orlando, Florida. For more details on the book, including quotes and excerpts from past and current professional athletes and ordering information, click here for more details. To be sure, it is riveting and full of beneficial life lessons on what money can and cannot do, and how to avoid the pitfalls and pressures associated with the pro athlete life. It is a must-read for young athletes (and really parents, contemplating a career in pro sports for their children).

The Triangle Formula will motivate readers to achieve success in every area of life. Funderburke draws upon past experiences from his tumultuous childhood and college career. The journey is guided by time-tested principles that produce tangible results. This inspirational book is an easy read, packed with life-transforming insights to help you understand and fulfill your purpose, eat healthy and lose weight, become financially independent, foster stronger relationships with your spouse or children, and more importantly, maximize your full potential to create a better world. Click here for more information and to order your copy.

Both Hook Me Up, Playa! and The Triangle Formula are $10 (shipping and handling not included).

Funderburke joins his former high-school teammate, Lonnie Jones, in the inspirational documentary, Choice. These two former basketball stars share their life-transforming experiences on the importance of making the right choices in life. Both of these gentlemen grew up in single-parent homes, in the housing projects, in extreme poverty, in Columbus, Ohio. The two used education and basketball to escape the harsh world of ghetto life, and even received full-ride scholarships to major universities. But their lives took completely different paths after leading Wehrle High School to a basketball State Championship in 1988 and a USA TODAY top 25 ranking. Funderburke starred at The Ohio State University and graduated in Business Finance (magna cum laude) and played 11 years professionally, eight years in the NBA and three seasons overseas. Jones briefly attended the University of Wyoming but got caught up in the thug-and-drug game and spent nearly a decade in the state penitentiary. Footage includes the housing projects where both men grew up, the phenomenal basketball success of Wehrle High School, and Lonnie Jones’ emotional step-by-step account of his home for almost 10 years, The London Correctional Institute.

Teaching materials and study guides are coming soon. Please leave your contact information if you are interested in the Financial Literacy Boot Camp Materials, Fundy’s Millionaires (phase two of our Financial Literacy Program on topics such as stock market and real estate analysis and other easy-to-understand proven investment strategies), Health and Nutrition Videos, and Etiquette Materials.

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