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LFYO - Year In Review

July 2006 - August 2007

LFYO believes transparency is a critical component of our success. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to highlight program accomplishments to gauge whether they align with our mission and vision, and disclose financial information regarding operational expenditures and charitable donations throughout the year(s). To download LFYO financial statements, click here.

June and July 2006 (Six Weeks)

The inaugural Money Keepin’ It Real! Program was introduced to participants at the J. Ashburn Jr. Youth Center, which is located on the Hilltop off of West Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. Designed to improve the financial management skills of youth in order to build a solid foundation for making informed decisions now and once they reach adulthood, students were briefed on the following topics: financial planning, budgeting, credit and insurance, career assessment, and savings and investments, among many others. Overall, the 20 participants realized an amazing 59 percent improvement in financial knowledge as measured by the 15 question pre- and post test. (To learn more about the comprehensive financial literacy program, please click here to download the free brochure. Career speakers included representatives from Nationwide, Merrill Lynch, The Ohio Highway Patrol, and The I Know I Can Foundation. Subjects included being properly insured, investing for the future, building character, and going to college. Students were engaged and asked several meaningful questions to the presenters.

Participants were treated to several fields, such as Merrill Lynch (to learn about investing and wealth building), Sur Le Table (for a lesson in etiquette), and MidState Educators Credit Union (to set-up their $100 certificate of Savings with a lucrative 7 percent interest rate).

Student Testimonials

“I am really glad that I am a part of this program because I learned more about managing my money, and that is going to help me in the long run.” – Gary, 9th grade

“I would tell my friends to take this class because it is a great way to learn to save money and plan for the future.” – Amanda, 12th grade

“I learned that delayed gratification means to be patient and wait and don’t be in a hurry to spend your money.” – Katone, 7th grade

September 18th (City Life Center) and 19th (Linden Recreation Center)

Joining former high school teammate Lonnie Jones, addressed over 70 at-risk youth from the Franklinton area at City Life Center on making the right choices in life. At Linden Recreation Center, which is located off of Hudson Avenue on the city’s north side, we shared the same message to more than 200 disadvantaged youth and parents. Audience members were treated to pizza from Donatos. (This is a regular component of the LFYO mantra: To feed the hungry, both educationally and physically.)

Footage from the events is featured in the documentary, Choice, which chronicles the direction our lives took after winning a state championship at Wehrle High School. (An outline of the documentary can be found under the “Books, DVDs, & Materials” section of the LFYO.org website.)

December 2nd

Offered the first-ever financial literacy boot camp to the public at a cost of $35. The four-hour boot camp covered all of the same material in the Money Keepin’ It Real! Program, as well as lunch. Twelve students participated in the four-hour boot camp and experienced a double digit improvement in financial knowledge! One of the parents in attendance on July 30th, 2007, sent me an email regarding the impact our program had on her two children:

“Lawrence and the ‘Money! Keepin' It Real’ seminar are fantastic! I gave this as a birthday present to my 14 yr. old twins in December 2006. By July 2007 they each had two summer jobs and goals and plans for their money before they were even paid.

“Thank you for making a commitment to our youth and their futures by offering this course. This seminar provided a shift in attitude about money that they were ready to learn about firsthand when they got these summer jobs. I consider Lawrence a very important money mentor to my children through this seminar. I wish they could take it again!” – Julie D.

March 17, 2007

Teamed up with the Miracle Gro Program at COSI to bring the Money Keepin’ It Real! Program to their youth. The 10 students’ combined improvement in financial knowledge was over 20 percent! Each of the participants was also given a $100 Certificate of Savings after completing the program.

April 28th, May 2nd, and May 5th

Brought the Money Keepin’ It Real! Program to Barnett Recreation Center, a division of the Columbus Parks and Recreation. On Saturday April 28th, more than 20 students completed the four-hour boot camp, and experienced a 24 percent improvement in financial knowledge! On Wednesday May 2nd, career mentors addressed students on a wide range of topics, including communication skills, goal-setting, and maximizing one’s potential, among many others. Featured guests were Kelly Blackmon (Huntington Bank) Tobias Sommer (OPOC.us), Jermaine Harris (J’s Lawncare), and Shakalp Shap, an MBA student at OSU’s Fisher College of Business. Picked youth up in limousines and transported them to Ruth’s Chris Steak House for a lesson in fine-dining etiquette. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone! (For more information on the successes of the Barnett Program, watch the archived video under “News & Events.”)

July 28th

Presented the first-ever Funderburke Entrepreneurial & Wealth-Building Academy (FEWA) Program at Philadelphia Deliverance on the east side of Columbus. Subjects included home ownership, bond and stock analysis, entrepreneurship, and asset allocation, in addition to many other financial empowerment topics. The group achieved a double digit improvement in financial knowledge! The 12 participants were also taken in limousines to Ruth’s Chris Steak House for a lesson in fine-dining etiquette on July 29th.

July 30th – August 2nd, and August 20th

Ten students participated in the Money Keepin’ It Real! And Funderburke Entrepreneurial & Wealth-Building Programs at Poindexter Village Housing Projects, with six of them completing it in its entirety. Participants had a 31 percent gain in financial knowledge! On August 20th, we took them to the Brownstone Restaurant, a four-star dining establishment owned and operated by African-Americans to celebrate their completion of the programs.

Student Testimonials

Erica C. Age: 18

I have learned many new things, including how to budget, financial planning, and much more. I didn’t know a lot about credit, but I’m much more educated on that now. This was a wonderful and fun program to participate in. I am glad to be a part of the Money Keepin’ It Real and Funderburke Entrepreneurial & Wealth-Building Academy Program. It can really help anyone make better decisions with his/her money.

I also learned that when you buy a house it can appreciate or earn equity. You can earn equity by upgrading the house. More importantly, it is vital to buy a home that you can afford.

LaToya M. Age: 12

What I learned in this class is that you have to be careful with money. I also learned the difference between a career and a job. A job is something you have to do every day, and a career is what you’ve been dreaming to do.

Terry Y. Age: 16

Some very helpful things that I have learned from this class are:
1. It would be in my best interest to open a bank account ASAP;
2. It is very important to manage money effectively and gain good spending habits;
3. How to create a budget;
4. How to use a credit card wisely; and
5. That my character and self-presentation are very important.
Kimani T. Age: 15

In this class I learned how to invest and budget money. I also learned how your credit can play a major role in your financial life, and the difference between good investments and bad investments.

Bernard T. Age: 16

In this class I learned:
1. What the rule of 72 is, or how long it takes your money to double;
2. That a lot of money doesn’t go very far;
3. That your grade point average now can affect you in the future;
4. The importance of insurance; and
5. That life is expensive.
Closing Comments

In addition to these accomplishments, LFYO has also done two free basketball clinics, addressed hundreds of other youth on what it takes to achieve success in life at churches, and been interviewed by local and national media on the organization’s commitment to disadvantaged youth.

Without the support of generous individuals and businesses, none of this would be possible. I want to personally thank each and every one of you.

Lawrence Funderburke

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