2014 Financial Life Skills Summer Program

Participants will learn how to develop successful financial development strategies using age-appropriate applications and games in the following areas: cash flow management, credit and debt management, and investing and wealth accumulation. Life lessons include etiquette and manners, job skills readiness, entrepreneurship, nutrition, and more! Guest speakers round out the experience while providing expert advice on grooming do’s and don’ts, social media blunders and pitfalls, and creating a winning personal brand management strategy. Parents, your son or daughter will receive over 30 hours of instruction in these areas!

Healthy snacks and a nutritious lunch will be served daily. Parents should have their child(ren) eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast each day since the bulk of our in-class learning experience will take place prior to lunch. Space is limited to 12 participants each week on a first-come, first-serve basis. The cost is $325 per participant at Shepherd Nazarene (June 23rd – June 27th) from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Click here to register.


LFYO will host two additional weeks of programming at Wellington and Columbus Academy. For details on the cost and dates of the Financial Life Skills Summer Programs to be held at Wellington, please visit www.wellington.org/summer. For details on the cost and dates of the Financial Life Skills Summer Programs to be held at Columbus Academy, please visit www.columbusacademy.org/summerexperience.


Here’s a sneak peek at the scheduled field trips planned each week for participants, which are paired with daily learning modules . . .



Chile Verde Cafe: Owner-operator of one of the city’s finest Mexican restaurants, Tom Anthony, will present participants with an inside look on running a successful business, and of course, feed them a really healthy and delicious lunch!


John Sestina and Company: Stephen Lukan and Tyler Cook, both highly acclaimed certified financial planners, share their keys of success with participants in the area of financial management, investing, and building wealth.


Grocery Shopping Experience: Participants will learn how to shop efficiently and eat healthy while selecting grains, produce, dairy, and poultry that are strategically placed around the perimeter of the store. Did you know that the less healthy items are typically found in the middle of the store? (Field Trip TBD)


Bon Vie at Easton: Participants will learn the art of fine-dining etiquette and manners over a four-course meal at one of the city’s classiest establishments.


Apple Store Easton Town Center: Business Manager, Adam Prater, will discuss the genius behind Apple’s cutting-edge products. Mr. Prater’s challenge to inspiring entrepreneurs, “How can Apple products and services take your business to the next level?”


Bradford Culinary School: Daniel Reese Sr., Director of Operations, will discuss exciting culinary careers in hospitality as a chef or restaurant manager, including the steps required to pay for school.


The Columbus Foundation: Steven Moore will give students a tour of this stately building and enlighten them on the key differences between charity and philanthropy as well as the importance of legacy planning to support causes near and dear to an individual’s/family’s heart.


Mills James Studio: Participants gain an understanding of sound presentation and communication skills through mock interviews in front of the camera. Strategies and techniques include eye contact, body language, and overcoming “stage” fright. Whether introvert or extrovert, this field trip will provide a confidence boost in the area of public speaking.


The Golf Depot: Manager and golf pro, Larry Herrmann, will give participants an interactive golf lesson while sharing insightful commentary on the business of running a successful golf course. Golf etiquette and the adage, “Business deals are done on the golf course,” will be highlighted as well. (Golf clubs will be provided during the lesson, but participants are free to bring their own.)