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Archive for November 2012

Gaining Skills Using an iPad

Today’s young people gravitate to technology like no other generation before them. That’s why we purchased 25 iPads with Brookstone keyboards and headphones to take their learning to the next level. We create and customize innovative content to keep participants engaged and motivated to learn. For more information about our programs, click here.

New Reading Comprehension and Math Initiative

Recently, my wife and I tag-teamed on an innovative curriculum that incorporates the Race to the Top standards with our personal development, financial education, and entrepreneurship programs. These two areas, math literacy and reading comprehension, arguably give inner-city students the most trouble on state achievement tests. Why not combine these two academic areas through colorful illustrations, inviting stories, and real-world examples that keep students engaged and committed to furthering their educational progress?

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Mr. Fundy's Financial Life Skills for Tweens and Teens

In early November, we launched our city, state, and nationwide initiative to improve the financial acumen of young people. The Mr. Fundy’s Financial Life Skills Playbook for Tweens and Teens fill-in poster and campaign educates today’s students on the winning game plan needed to achieve personal and financial success. Thus far, we have shared this enlightening message with over 400 students here in Central Ohio!

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